Robbin Banx, two fingers deep

Robbin Banx, two fingers deep

Robbin Banx, two fingers deep

So here we have Robbin Banx, a 46-year-old MILF with big tits, a little waist and a firm, shapely ass. And what do you do when you have a woman like this?

Well, that’s easy. You jack off to her.

Here, Robbin strips out of her little bra and thong and fingers her pussy deep and hard. She cums. You’ll cum, too.

40Something: Hi, Robbin. Where are you from?

Robbin: I’m from England. I’ve been here in the United States for the last 20 years.

40Something: Married? Children?

Robbin: I’m not married. I have one kid. And I like doughnuts. I eat so much cake and a lot of sugar so I have to work out or else I’ll explode.

40Something: Well, you look great. How’d you end up at

Robbin: I was shooting a lot of Playboy stuff and I had a lot of my fans ask me to take it to the next level. Everyone was spreading their legs, so I thought I might as well do it for legitimate companies and work with some great producers, and so far, it’s been successful, and I love having sex on-camera

40Something: To our members, the older the better. Does that surprise you?

Robbin: That’s quite surprising, but I get it. It’s just the pressure of society that makes you feel like you’re too old when I am proof that I’m not. The older I get, the more you’re gonna love me.

Robbin Banx, two fingers deep

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