Holly Wood’s House-Warming Party Heats Up

Holly Wood’s House-Warming Party Heats Up

Holly Wood's House-Warming Party Heats Up

Holly Wood is getting her new home ready for a house-warming party when Nicky Rebel arrives with a gift. Except he’s way too early. He claims he made an error about what time the party starts. That’s a lie! Nicky just wants some alone time with the statuesque Holly before the other guests arrive, and Holly knows it. We don’t blame him for using this strategy since it was our idea anyway.

Nicky can’t decide whether to stare at Holly’s big, heavy, traffic-stopping hooters or her big, round, traffic-stopping ass cheeks. Dangerous curves ain’t the word for this blonde sex-bomb. Holly’s wearing a tight, leopard print dress that clings to her shapely body. She has the time to have some fun before her friends show up so she takes Nicky into her bedroom and fucks him senseless. On her back, squeezing her boobs together, Holly watches a big load of cum shoot out while he’s fucking those hot tits.

SCORELAND: Should a guy always lick a girl’s pussy?

Holly Wood: Every. Single. Time!

SCORELAND: When a girl is having sex with a guy in a photo shoot, do you think it’s better for her to look at the camera or to look at her partner?

Holly Wood: I love both. When she looks at the camera you can see the passion and intensity in her eyes if she’s really enjoying it. But looking at her partner builds the connection and drives the pleasure deeper.

SCORELAND: Do you deep-throat?

Holly Wood: I have a gag reflex that I haven’t been able to get rid of.

SCORELAND: What do you think is the biggest cock you have throated?

Holly Wood: It depends on how turned on I am. After a couple of drinks, I tend to be able to relax more and handle more.

SCORELAND: Stay hot, Holly Wood.

Holly Wood's House-Warming Party Heats Up

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