Evil Angel

Sodomizing Sweet Scarlet – Scarlet Chase & Elic Chase

Beautiful, pony-tailed blonde Scarlet Chase teases, displaying big boobs with nipple piercings poking through her T-shirt and a bejeweled butt plug inserted beneath her pink G-string. Her sphincter flexes around the plug as she twerks. Muscular Elic Chase enters frame naked and hard for a blowjob. He grips her hair, fucks her mouth and cock-slaps her face. Drool coats her titties. In a POV shot, Scarlet’s blue eyes make contact with the camera as she sucks dick enthusiastically. She practices her deepthroat skills and slurps her slobber. Elic fucks her shaved pussy, the plug still in place. He spanks her as she rides, gasps and moans. Saliva and pussy juice soak his balls. As they screw, she tastes the toy ass-to-mouth! Scarlet takes an anal ride, groaning in ecstasy, the tasty plug hanging from her mouth. With her legs splayed widely, Elic sodomizes her on her back and slaps the heavy-breathing, squealing girl’s snatch. She takes one more buttfucking ride, her tight, bouncing tush making his meat disappear. Elic jacks jism onto her tongue, and sweet Scarlet drools the slop onto her titties. She tastes semen from her cleavage.

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