Andi Peacock: The Perfect Wife

Andi Peacock: The Perfect Wife

Andi Peacock: The Perfect Wife

What the guys write about Andi Peacock:

“Absolutely love her perfect big boobs and her beautiful face.” “Actresses like her are why I keep my membership.” “She’s the real perfect wife with a full package and hot skills. I worship her massive tits with giant areolae and huge nipples. But I totally love her bush, ass, eyes and smile.”

XLGirls: What makes Andi Peacock laugh?

Andi Peacock: Remembering and reliving memories of past sexual experiences that didn’t go well and sharing them with my hubby.

XLGirls: What gets you hot?

Andi Peacock: Having a delicious dinner and drinks, especially when I have two Manhattans. Looking at beautiful big breasts and big cocks.

XLGirls: What would you do if you had a million dollars to spend?

Andi Peacock: I’d buy a vintage convertible, move to a private beach house with my hubby and drink and make love all the time.

Andi Peacock: The Perfect Wife

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