Evil Angel

Gooner School – John Stagliano & Sheena Shaw & Sophia Burns

A homeowner (John Stagliano) with a camera is surprised to find scantily clad Sheena Shaw and Sophia Burns practicing for a cheer competition on his sunny back patio. Slender, dirty blonde Sheena and thickly built brunette Sophia shake pom-poms and twerk in tiny latex skirts over white panties … until they spot the homeowner, whom they assume to be a peeping pervert. The girls cop a major, fem-dom attitude, treating the homeowner like a shamelessly porn-addicted ‘gooner.’ Inside, beautiful, natural-bodied Sheena and dark-eyed, fair-skinned Sophia show wedgies and tug panties into pussies. They work a variety of wicked toys (glass dildos like anal periscopes; a fat garden gnome, more) into their flexible, gaping bungholes. Sophia winks her anus and lowers her butt onto the homeowner’s face as Sheena taunts him with dirty talk. Sheena’s shapely tush flexes a thick phallus and then shoots it out; her rubbery sphincter looks like a volcano! Kneeling side-by-side, they fist their assholes! When a butt plug pops out of Sophia’s rear, Sheena sucks it ass-to-mouth. Pom-poms hanging from their asses like ponytails, the bossy, bratty tarts do a cheer: ‘G! O! O! N! E! R! S!’ They stuff gigantic candy jaw breakers into their rectums, push them out and taste them! Back outdoors, naked Sheena and Sophia take enemas and blast out creamy flumes!

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