Charlotte Queen: Big-Boobed Royalty

Charlotte Queen: Big-Boobed Royalty

Charlotte Queen: Big-Boobed Royalty

Charlotte Queen‘s middle name is Beauty, or it should be because Charlotte is a real looker. A smokin’ sexy girl. One of our photographers with an eye for lookers with big tits spotted slim and stacked Charlotte and offered her the opportunity to model for SCORE. A webcam girl, Charlotte brought her natural erotic talent and her online experience to this SCORE session.

SCORELAND: What do you do when you are not on-camera?

Charlotte Queen: I’m busy with my house and I take care of my dog. And I like to go shopping and take walks.

SCORELAND: Do you exercise? Do you play or watch sports?

Charlotte Queen: I don’t exercise at the moment. I played volleyball in high school but I don’t like any sports. The balls scare me.

SCORELAND: What kinds of bras do you buy?

Charlotte Queen: I always look for large sizes in stores.

SCORELAND: What kinds of tops do you usually wear?

Charlotte Queen: I like to wear deep, low-cut necklines.

SCORELAND: What do you want to try in life that you haven’t done yet?

Charlotte Queen: I would like to visit places where there is snow. I’ve never seen it for real.

Charlotte Queen: Big-Boobed Royalty

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