How Stacked Am I?

How Stacked Am I?

How Stacked Am I?

In this video, lovely Alexya tries on bras and tape-measures herself.

BigBoobAleyxa: What kind of bras do you like to wear?

Alexya: It depends. I like to be sexy and elegant. I like classic black bras. As well as pink and beige bras.

BigBoobAleyxa: When you go out, do you show off your cleavage?

Alexya: I like to be normal and not have my breasts out so everyone will stare. It’s crazy if I go out with a lot of cleavage showing. If I go out wearing something that shows off my breasts, I have to be with somebody. Otherwise it’s dangerous!

BigBoobAleyxa: Are your breasts sensitive?

Alexya: Yes, very sensitive.

BigBoobAleyxa: Do you like to play with your breasts?

Alexya: Only if I have an audience.

How Stacked Am I?

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