Isabella fucks her son’s coach

Isabella fucks her son’s coach

Isabella fucks her son's coach

In this scene, 40-year-old Isabella Flames provides the answer to the age-old question, “What’s a mom to do when her son isn’t getting enough playing time?”

A. Complain to the board.
B. Stand on the sidelines and yell at the coach.
C. Fuck the coach.

And the answer is…C. Fuck the coach!

You see, Isabella is a woman who will do anything for her son.

“He has a passion for soccer,” she tells Coach Nicky when she goes to his house.

But there’s a problem: The kid sucks at soccer.

The solution to the problem: Isabella sucks Coach Nicky’s cock, and he doesn’t bother to resist. After all, these coaches are volunteers. They’re not getting paid. There should be some fringe benefit to spending your days dealing with a bunch of brats.

By the way, this scene-Isabella’s first hardcore at, once again, that when a woman has your cock in her mouth, she has all the power…especially when that woman looks as good as Isabella does.

Isabella fucks her son's coach

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