Paola Zaguna: Nude On The Rocks

Paola Zaguna: Nude On The Rocks

Paola Zaguna: Nude On The Rocks

Paola Zaguna found a secluded spot outdoors where she could be nature woman and take off her clothing without any peepers around to spy on her. With her trusty dildo in hand, Paola masturbates and plays with her huge tits on the rocks, both near the water and in the water. XLGirls gives major props to Paola for finding this secret location and adding a lot of heat to the local scenery.

XLGirls: How do you find bras that fit those very big boobs?

Paola Zaguna: It’s a bit difficult but I have to buy off the rack.

XLGirls: When you go out, how do you dress?

Paola Zaguna: I like to show a lot of cleavage and I like very short skirts.

XLGirls: Do you always wear a bra?

Paola Zaguna: I wear a bra to go out. When I’m in my house I don’t.

XLGirls: So, when you leave your house, you…

Paola Zaguna: I get a lot of attention. I feel lucky to have my big breasts.

Paola Zaguna: Nude On The Rocks

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