Nina Dolci returns and fucks herself

Nina Dolci returns and fucks herself

Nina Dolci returns and fucks herself

Last seen at in 2017 getting fucked hard by a huge cock, and now 47 years old, dark-haired seductress Nina Dolci is back to show off her perfect body and fuck herself with a big toy. Later this week, she’s going to fuck again.

40Something: What do you do for your guy to make him feel special?

Nina: Making a guy feel special in and out of the bedroom is pretty easy peasy. Always maintain your beauty, keep the nagging to a minimum or none, stroke his ego and cock when he least expects it, bake his favorite yummies, wear something that he has mentioned is high on his likes, and either roleplay or be adventurous behind closed doors…or not behind closed doors.

40Something: What makes you extra horny?

Nina: My vibrator and watching taboo porn.

40Something: Sex on a first date?

Nina: I mean, why not? We only live once.

40Something: What makes you feel sexy?

Nina: Being appreciated and noticed. Wearing lingerie and dresses.

Nina Dolci returns and fucks herself

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