A new Asian cougar comes to

A new Asian cougar comes to

A new Asian cougar comes to

“My friends know I am open and adventurous, so they wouldn’t be surprised to see me here,” said Nami Lee, a 42-year-old first-timer who was born in Japan and now lives in the United States.

Her family, on the other hand, might be surprised to see her here, showing off her tight little body for all the world to see, spreading her pussy and ass, and, later this week, fucking a guy who’s easily young enough to be her son.

Nami is very little. She’s five-feet tall and weighs only 98 pounds, which means you can probably easily pick her up and fuck her. Or just lie down and fuck her!

What do you want to do that you haven’t done?

Nami: Travel to Europe.

What is sexy to you?

Nami: A man who’s confident.

What are your sexual fantasies?

Nami: Group sex on a white sand beach.

What was your kinkiest sexual encounter?

Nami: Having my ex come over to my boyfriend’s house and having my boyfriend watching me having sex with my ex.

Do you like to make the first move?

Nami: No. I like a man who initiates.

A new Asian cougar comes to

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