Amber Alena & Her Extreme String Bikini

Amber Alena & Her Extreme String Bikini

Amber Alena & Her Extreme String Bikini

Judging by the emails from SCORE magazine readers and SCORELAND members, the #1 favorite outfit they want to see Amber Alena wear is her birthday suit. #2 is skimpy bikinis or monokinis. So here we have Amber wearing a green string extreme bikini at poolside. She’s ready to turn you on with her hot, super-slim figure, huge tits, beautiful face and sexy-sweet voice. You’ll be hearing a lot of Amber’s silky voice in this video as she takes you on a guided tour of her delicious body.

We once asked Amber about sex on-camera and in her personal life.

“To me, sex isn’t different on-camera versus everyday sex if two people are comfortable. If it’s uncomfortable, then it is less enjoyable the same way for me on-camera or off-camera.”

SCORELAND: How would you describe your sexual personality?

Amber Alena: I’m passive at first but then I open up once I get sexually stimulated.

SCORELAND: What sexually satisfies you best?

Amber Alena: Foreplay, building up the intense passion, kissing and making out and, of course, sex.

SCORELAND: How often do you have sex these days?

Amber Alena: Every week is great!

SCORELAND: Your favorite positions?

Amber Alena: Missionary, riding on-top and other positions are good.

SCORELAND: Any favorite fantasies?

Amber Alena: I would love to have sex in more public spaces.

Amber Alena & Her Extreme String Bikini

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