Evil Angel

Sheena’s Stretching Tour – Sheena Shaw

Living doll Sheena Shaw wears ponytail braids and a silky, white swimsuit. She poses behind lacy curtains, offering a gauzy look at her shapely body. From a balcony overlooking the ocean, the camera captures her lithe legs and delectable derriere. Indoors, Sheena kicks off her clear platform heels and practices her foot fetish, her pretty, painted toes stroking a glass phallic toy. Sheena reaches into her throat to generate spit, which she drools onto the thick, clear butt plug. The comely girl talks dirty about opening her asshole. On the floor, she presses the dildo’s cock head into her still-clad ass crack and rides, stuffing bikini fabric into her tight anus. She squeals, stretching her toned, athletic legs. With the garment holding her butt plug in place, she rubs thick slobber into her tush. Sheena strips off the bikini bottom and buries the butt plug. Her anus flexes the toy, no hands! The lusty beauty purrs and arches her back as her man smacks her ass with a riding crop from off camera. Sheena flagellates herself with the crop, sprouting nipple hard-ons! When she pulls out the anal device, we see her winking, gaping sphincter!

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