Evil Angel

Extra Evil Parts – Sheena Shaw

Beauteous porn star Sheena Shaw flaunts her nasty vocabulary and her slender, natural body — plus an exciting extra part — in a provocative solo performance. Amid a carousel pony, a mirror and a birdcage on a sunlit hardwood floor, she teases in a pink silk lingerie-and-heels ensemble, showing lovely legs, spectacular ass and … what? It’s a dildo protruding like boner from under her panties. Throughout the session, she talks dirty directly to you via a POV camera that brings viewers into the scene. Sheena spit-lubes and fondles her up-pointing phallus, offering to satisfy your oral fixation. With the camera behind her, she peels panties from her cheeky butt, tucking her bonus part temptingly between her thighs in the manner of a TS. Wanting a blowjob, Sheena looms over the camera and orders you to, ‘get down there where you belong.’ Stripped down to bikini undies, she lies back to stroke her tool, challenging and taunting you: ‘You like my girl cock, don’t you? … I bet you want to choke on it.’ What Sheena wants is to, ‘put you in a headlock and throat-fuck you!’

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